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29 July 2010 @ 11:58 pm
This is Soni writing.
I'm just making a short introduction. ;D

This community is maintained by tegawa. I'm just a mod but we share this community. One day I told her that I had wanted to make a community for some time, where I could share some music which I don't see around so much. She was like "ohhh, me 2 bb." and so this was made. We brainstormed some community names and "godhowilovemyairconditioner" was one of them as the night we talked was extremely hot. We decided on Melondisco though. MERRRONDISUKO /headbang (add sparkle).

Anyhow, we (tegawa  & fruitytunes ) will share music as fast as we can and we really hope you'll like our uploads as we'll try to upload all kinds of genres for you to enjoy. We'll also try uploading some discographies and PV's at times. : )

Just something we want you to know before you join
  • We want you to write us a simple "thanks" as a comment if you download something. This is so we know people like what we're uploading and want more.
  • Membership is moderated but we love you anyway.
  • We like disco.
Just something we want you to do before you join
  • We want you to write a screened comment (to this post please) that you want to join and agree to our "rules".
  • Be thankful for being able to join our disco. we like disco